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awww man...so it turns out that Le Tigre is not releasing their new album: "The Island" until October 19th!!!

and they are re-releasing all their old albums on their new "le tigre" label...and they are going to include new never before heard songs...and videos too!

and i'm really happy that i never bought their records...because I can buy them now that they get re-released!

but good news is that they WILL be having "I'm so exxxcited" as one of their songs on the album!!!!

but i dont see taht "dyke visiblilty" song anywhere???? and i loved that song!

unless it has another name? Or unless they are going to be releasing singles with b-sides now???????????

Here's the tracklist for their new album:

01 On The Verge
02 Seconds
03 Don't Drink Poison
04 After Dark
05 Nanny Nanny Boo Boo
06 TKO
07 Tell You Now
08 New Kicks
09 Viz
10 This Island
11 I'm So Excited
12 Sixteen
13 Punker Plus

PS> click on the picture for MORE information!!
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