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Sucking off a film star

What was the craziest time or thing you have ever done at a gay bar?

From : popicn

.....Ok from what I pieced together with hah424 - the enabler that she is! I caged danced shirtless and tea-bagged some people and apparently I knew everyone in the place except for the two Wal-Mart transvestites..... I got a blowjob from some guy. I had $1’s, $5’s, & a $10 dollar bills in my boxer shorts from dancing. Apparently I got a kiss from Fred and I groped him tons. Chris and I had lots of talks and I could have said I'm moving to Texas with him for all I know! Hell I could have said I'd cut off my dick and wear it as a nose for all I can remember. But I woke up with the phone stuck to my face and a loaf of bread under wraps

From : hah424 aka izzardlover

.....Here's what I remember. Marc popicn and his boyfriend, Chris, our friend Keith aries_bastard75, Chris' friend, Bill, and I all went to a gay club/bar in RI called The Loft. I know what all of you QAF people are thinking, but the place got its name long before QAF, and the place is not decorated half as well as Brian's loft is. I had been to one gay club before called Gerardo's. It has since closed and is now a 'gentleman's club/bachelor party' club. Well, The Loft was much better than Gerardo's. Gerardo's was lame, but in all fairness to the place, we did try to go on a Sunday night. I am assuming that any bar/club doesn't have a huge turnout on Sunday nights. I could be wrong. I am NOT in any way a clubber.

.....Our friend Keith aries_bastard75 is not gay. He was expecting Chris to bring some straight girls with him, but he didn't. Chris brought his gay friend Bill who is, I'd say, in his 50s. Bill seemed seriously interested in Keith, but Keith and I assured him a few times that Keith is straight. But Keith will talk to anyone, because he's just like that. Keith and Bill talked all night about all sorts of things. They hit it off, but Bill was disappointed still...oh, well.

.....Chris was fun. He was pretty trashed by the time we got there at about 10:30pm. He had downed a few tequila shots and a beer or two. Marc had to catch up, so he had a few shots and beers. Marc also drifted off to the other bar and had a few drinks there too. Chris and I played a few games of pool, and we chatted about things...nothing serious. We were singing along to a few songs. The DJ played a few QAF song (Absolutely Not from the season 2 CD, and a few others that I recognized). Chris and I danced to a Milkshake remix that wasn't as annoying as the original song. Chris told me a few times that he really likes Marc, and I am so happy. Marc deserves someone who enjoys him. Chris also said that Marc makes him feel hot and sexy, when he is usually a little more self-conscious. He loves it when Marc tells him he looks hot. Awwwww!

.....Marc was embarrassed by all of the people that he saw there and knew. He talks like a slut but he's not. So he was worried that Chris would think he's a slut, because he knew 8-10 people there. Well, a person that Marc has dated a few times, we'll call him...Fred cuz that's his name...showed up. And...small world that RI is, Chris also knows Fred. How very uncomfortable!!! So, Marc's freaking out at this point. Has a few more drinks to calm his nerves (more like obliterate all rational thoughts!). He disappears a few times during the night. Apparently, a blowjob in the bathroom was involved from whom we are calling "The Man In Black". Marc didn't have any anonymous sex partners on his sexual contact list, but "The Man In Black" is now his first one. But, hey, blowjobs happen, right?

Marc comes back to speak with Fred over in a more secluded corner of the room. Chris goes over there to chat with Marc and Fred. Then he comes back to the bar where I am still sitting with Keith and Bill. Chris asks me to come sit with him, Marc and Fred, because he is feeling a little uncomfortable. I say ok, but I had to go to the bathroom first. I find the ladies' room and enter to the sounds of two girls having sex. Not exactly a bad sound, but I feel bad that my urge to pee has interrupted their tryst in the...bathroom...how romantical!!! So I rush out of there to give the girls their private time.

I head on over to Marc, Chris, and Fred. Fred's two friends are also there, obviously on the nod from some pretty powerful heroin, I assume. Could be another drug that works the same way, but let's just say...comfortably numb. Marc seems to be paying a little too much attention to Fred. I feel a little bad for Chris. I feel bad that I can't stop Marc from doing what I know he'll regret in the morning. But short of pulling his hands away from Fred, what could I do?

Chris is pretty drunk, so I am just hoping at this point; he won't remember with much clarity what went down. Chris decides to give me a lap dance. It was funny! My first lap dancing experience...

Fred started to feel a little uncomfortable with Marc's attention, I think, because he went off somewhere. Chris also got up to go to the bathroom. While they are gone, we are stuck with the Nodders. Well, they decide at that moment to wake up. One puts his foot in the other guy's lap. The other guy takes off shoe and sock, leans down and starts sucking his toes! Thank God the table was in front of it. I can take just about any kind of freaky sexual practice, but I cannot do the toe sucking! That is so gross! Because, well, I guess I have pretty stinky feet, more stinky than most I would say. So I have a problem thinking of other people's feet as anything but as gross as mine! Does that make sense? I hope so.

.....Chris and Fred come back together. Marc freaks, because this means they have "talked" to each other. Fred grabs his jacket and the Nodders, because he is going to leave. Marc gives Fred a hug that lingers just beyond "just friends". To cover (not well, I might add), he gets everyone there to hug Fred goodbye. I hug Fred, Chris hugs Fred, then Marc hugs Fred again. Fred leans in and give Marc a kiss...on the lips...a quick peck, but ON THE LIPS...in front of Chris. I can't imagine that Chris is happy with any of this.

.....But he seems OK when we get back to the bar. Last call has since been announced. The bartender checks with me to make sure neither of them are driving. I assure him that Marc is MOST DEFINITELY ***NOT*** DRIVING! He gives them each a shot of tequila and another beer. Marc is trying to convince Chris that they should dance to last song of the night. There are a few people on the dance floor, maybe two or three. Babylon, this is NOT!

.....Marc decides that not only is he going to dance, he's going to dance in one of the go-go-boy cages! And who appears to dance with Marc...nope, not the boyfriend, but "The Man In Black" (MIB from now on)! Chris and some woman get up into the other cage to dance. Chris is dancing with a cigarette in his hand. He's not facing Marc's cage. Marc proceeds to pull out all of his dance moves! Before Marc's back problems, he could groove like no one's business...Michael Jackson...whatever! Even better than that! Marc pulls himself up on the bars and teabags the MIB. For those not in the know (or those that haven't seen the wonderful movie, Pecker by John Waters), tea bagging is a man walking up to another person who is at a lower level than him (ie, sitting on a barstool while the man is dancing on the bar, basically anything lower than the man's crotch) while the man gently places his (clothed or not) ball sack on the other person's forehead or top of head. I witnessed the tea bagging, but apparently I turned away during other things. The MIB was licking Marc's pierced nipples; crotch was in face, etc. I only saw Marc kissing MIB and tea bagging. The rest is rumor or unsubstantiated hearsay.

.....Chris walked outside after the dancing. Not sure if he needed air or if he was mad at Marc. Marc chased after him with a beer can in his hand. I told Marc not to go out with it, but he was worried that Chris was upset. The beer can pissed off the bartender. He crashed through the front doors and told Marc that if he does that again, he's never coming back. I don't know what Marc did with the can, because it was out of his hands by the time we and the bartender got outside.

.....Keith and I said goodbye to Bill. Marc and Chris went to talk near Bill's car. I took Marc's keys and started up the car. Keith and I listened to Cat Stevens and chatted while we waited...and waited...and waited. Finally, Chris pushed Marc into the passenger seat, and told him that he would call our house to let Marc know he got home OK.

.....We only got briefly lost on the way back. Marc snoozed drunkenly and played with the radio. Marc came in and got on the computer (always a bad combination). He apparently posted a rambling post that he has since deleted. Chris did call to let Marc know he was fine, but Marc took the phone into his room to talk to him. I have no idea what kind of drunken blathering happened, and neither does Marc.

.....So that's my story. Chris is upset with Marc. They haven't gone out since then. And with yesterday being Easter, Marc was occupied with his family all day! Marc went out tonight to see if he could "run into" Chris. He wants to patch things up. I hope it works out. And I hope Chris doesn't move to Texas! Sigh...

One funnier thing:
.....Marc's family was expecting him for Easter services at 10am. He didn't get out of bed until 10:30am. He didn't get dressed and leave the house until around 1:30 or later. He contemplated not going at all. But then he wouldn't have seen his nieces and nephews. His nephew, Marc (yeah, there are too many fucking Marcs in that family!), could totally tell that Marc had experienced a night of debauchery. His nephew was feeling the same way. They looked up at each other across the dinner table, recognized the same grayish tint to their eyes, and started laughing at each other.

-Heather hah424 aka izzardlover


.....I did run into Chris that night and we smoked a bowl. However he had crushed up crack within the weed and tricked me into smoking crack. I found out a week later why Chris brought that old man named Bill with him to the club. That guy was Chris’s drug dealer. Chris owed him money for crack and apparently worked it out in trade. At the time of this incident I was not aware that Chris was a crack head. That he whored himself. He was hot and wild, but what a mess. I’m glad I did what I did at the club that night. Funny thing with Fred is that Fred and I have a Brian and Michael (QAF reference) thing that has been going on for a year or so now. Fred does not hang out with or talk to the Nodders, who funny enough, wanted to hire me to dance and entertain for a party they where throwing.

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